Friday, September 11, 2009

"Ketiak Day " !!!

For your information.. on 8th September 2009 is declared as ketiak day..
Cos something happen that day..
After our time series class.. All of us gather together to go to kepong for a crab dinner..

outside the restaurant..

he said he "BELANJA" wor.. i still need to pay RM18.60


look at tian chyr..

After dinner.. all of us go buy beer, vodka n soft drinks..
and to gather at a lake with park in selayang or kepong la..

beer, vodka, soft drinks and even mineral water..

Guess what we do there?

hug the tree??

play swing??

pak toh and drink beer?

only pak toh?

watch proposal?

take photos?

self-captured photo?

seeing whose face is the roundest?

playing at the garden??

playing in the playground?

Still don't know why is it declared as "ketiak day"?
Watch the video below.. You'll find out..
After watching, please vote for the who is ketiak?? on the left of this blog..
Thank you for your co-operation..

"Ketiak" gal and "Ketiak" boy in action !!!!

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