Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today is a delicious day for most of us..
Cos Mr Ong Tze Chon cook lunch for us today at his house..
He wake up early today and cooked for about 3-4 hours..
We appreciate all ur hard work.. Thanks a lot tze chon...
The dishes cooked are :

Tom Yam Egg

ABC Soup

Food for ladies that have just give birth.. wahahahah

sweet n sour chicken

kangkung belacan..

I can tell all of you.. It's very very delicious.. all the dishes taste good..

couple of the day..

child with tupperware of the day..

what happen?

CAK !!!!

before the meal..

the CHEF of the day.. yeah !!!!

menu of the month.. hahahaha

TQ !!!!

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