Monday, December 21, 2009

The First Event For New Semester!!

Hi everyone,

Our first event for the coming semester would be the birthday celebration for all the December babies. So far we have confirmed 25 of our course mates can join this celebration. It's great to hear that right? ^^

When we mentioned to everyone about this event, the most common response would be :"Har, need to cook ar?? I can't cook well leh (or straight away said I don't know to cook)"

Actually this is not a cooking competition, just a sharing and enjoying party for us to mix why need to care about the taste of dishes?? As long as it's safe to eat enough already XD

Some more ,I think most of us are very lousy in cooking, so don't worry, just have a try!

Hope all of us can have a blast on that night!! cheers!!


  1. ya meh lee wen =,=
    but u sound lik got many complain about my cooking wo @@

  2. Thanks to the organiser.. Sam, LeeWen and Angie..
    Got drinking session ah?

  3. haha..sam,u never heard 少少批评,等于激励 meh??

    can..ask someone sponsor wine la..I like wine very much XD

    neo, is everyone make up this event XD but specially thanks to oilwoon n wallace ^^

  4. hey, actually i was thinking of bringing wine..i hv wine at home..but i'm not sure i can bring back from penang or not...

  5. bring wine bring wine bring wine bring wine!!!!!

  6. bring wine no need 2 cook is it?
    but so many ppl not enough drink wo..

  7. i make tong yuen la~~haha!!but need some one to fetch it loo~~hehe~~i jz learnt how to cook tong yuen..

  8. ryan..winter solstice past d leh..

    angie: sure not enough if onli 1 bottle lo..

  9. I can sponsor wine and champaign !!XD ..sam u know what to do ba.. (sorry ah, suddenly an outsider being so kepo =P)