Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CNY 2011 Coursemates Gathering

Venue: Neo's honeymoon house
Attendees : Lee Wen, Neo, Jenna, Angie, Fong Ching, Jaw Shan, Jackson, YeekChee, CHoon Siang, Oil woon, Kai you, Wallace, Feei, Hooi Ling, Kit Yeng, Wei Ning, RUpah , George, Jt, Kean Ni, Hwee Chyi, Tian CHyr, Poh Kheng, Yuan wen, Yee Ying, Soo Ing. Ann Gie
Date : 12 Feb 2011, Saturday
Time: 7pm

This blog has been deserted for a long time, is the time to revitalize it after a Coursemates Gathering !! hehe..last meet should be convo that time.

About this gathering, after a speedy discussion, neo jenna and I decided to do potluck with the intention that everyone can mix up, to avoid last year situation, where we had it in a restaurant, everyone was separated into 3 tables and talked to their own gang of friends only.

It was really blessed that everyone tried their best effort to come back and joined this gathering, really appreciate it :)

A big Gang of US :D

Now only I realize that we forgot to LOU SANG!! ARGHHH!!

Never mind la, next year we do again :D



  1. It was a fantastic gathering... Actually I remember the lou sang 1 but I am quite busy that day so didn't go and prepare.. Sorry guys... Wishing all of you all the best in everythong ya..

  2. finally got a new post after so long...hoho

  3. u all also can update this blog ..I so jealous seeing our junior keep updating theirs ^^